Scott – Brunswick

Scott, Brunswick

Scott, Brunswick

Happy Australia Day! How are you planning to celebrate the public holiday?

My wife and I are actually flying overseas today. We are off to live in Scotland for a year or two.

Well isn’t that ironic!

Yes, it is, isn’t. We’ll miss our local community and our family and friends, but we are very happy to say “see you Tony”, and we hope  things will be a bit different, leadership wise, when we get back.

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Karen – Warburton Main Street

Karen, Main St. Warburton

Karen, Main St. Warburton

It is lovely to get out of Melbourne for a weekend. Warburton feels so green and restorative. Have you lived here long?

I was working for a company in Melbourne which ran marketing campaign that started with the line “Life is too short”.  I heard that slogan everyday for months and then one day I thought… you are right – so I typed out my resignation letter and moved here soon after. That was in 2004.

Happy you made the change?

Very happy!

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Ellie, Jordan and Rhiannon – Acland Street, St Kilda

Ellie, Jordan and Rhiannon, Acland Street St Kilda

Ellie, Jordan and Rhiannon, Acland Street St Kilda

Hey there – what are you shooting? With your camera and your leotards?

J: We are shooting pics for Black Milk clothing, hunting the Saint of Kilda for cool and interesting spaces.

R: This area is our go to. There are so many options, from the architecture to the cafes, the trees etc.

Do you live locally?

E: Yes, we live bay side. J: I am in South Yarra.

Enjoy the rest of the shoot, great shots (Jordan showed me a few) and I’ll be sure to check out the site.

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Lou & Sebbo – The Plenary, Southbank

Lou & Sebbo at the Plenary Melbourne

Lou & Sebbo at the Plenary Melbourne

 Nick Cave’s in the house. Everyone seems pretty happy about that.

Yeah – it is one of the only times Melbourne doesn’t eat its own.

What do you mean?

There is no ‘too cool for school’ judgement or tall poppy syndrome in the house.

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Hermione – Fawkner St., 3182

Hermione - Fawkner St., St Kilda

Hermione – Fawkner St., St Kilda

Happy days! How has your week been? 

Good. All about work really, but work is never boring!


‘Cause I am the only hetro in the village! 

Hahahah! And what kind of entertainment does the village provide? Singing? Dancing? 

Hells yeah – and lots of laughs!

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90015 – Ben Alpass, Designer & Art Director

Ben Alpass self portrait

Ben Alpass self portrait 2014

Today I am excited to bring you TENANT’s birthday interview featuring Ben Alpass, the artist and designer behind the TENANT brand artwork and a human being whose talent has been known to leave me speechless, and/or swearing.

I met Ben in 2004 when we both worked for VFX and design powerhouse Iloura. I recall feeling generally impressed… Like I had stumbled across a talent to watch, a person who made going to work more fun – and the world a better place to boot.

The past decade has confirmed my initial impressions and has also taught me that behind Ben’s distinctive locks and sartorial style, lie a great sense of humour and a loyal, noble spirit. His appetite to learn and respect of creativity, whilst continually evolving his own, is an inspiration and a delight.

His talent is obvious to all who have the good fortune to work with him, and since going out on his own in 2012, Ben has been splitting his time in Melbourne and LA working for various design-led brands including Nike, Chanel and SBS TV.

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Tracy – Linden Gallery Gardens

Tracy - Linden GalleryGreat outfit! You look dressed up and ready for… anything!
Thanks! I am heading out to dinner and then I am off to see Rodriguez play at the Palace – down the road here in St. Kilda.
You have an American accent. ‘Sugar Man’ was famously unknown in the States, despite  having a cult following here and in South Africa. How were you introduced to his music?
Yes you are right – I had never heard of him before I moved here, which is astounding as I was a committed festival goer and lover of live music in the States. My husband is Australian and he was the one who introduce me to his music.
I watched the doco Searching For Sugar Man  recently and found it an amazingly passionate story –  full of human drama and spirit.
Yes, it is a great doco and I really do think that true talent always finds an audience, one way or another.
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