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About ME

My name is Ella and I am Melbourne born and bred; I’ve lived and worked interstate and overseas.

I work in communications and have a background in journalism and screen media.

TENANT was born out of a writing assignment, and I decided to keep going – to celebrate and document this fair city via my clever friends, their clever friends and the wonderful strangers I meet in between.

When I am not working or blogging I love all the good things: words, poems, film, art, yoga, nature, travel (oh road-trips!), belly-laughs, thunder storms… and a heartfelt greeting-card.

Say hello!  tenantmag@gmail.com

Why’d you call the blog TENANT?

In its modern usage tenant is most commonly used to describe a person who is a ‘lease holder or pays rent’.

A historical and less commonly used definition of tenant is: ‘an occupant or inhabitant of any place’.

To me, this resonated as a democratic description for all people who live and contribute to Melbourne, no matter their gender, age, class or race – plus I like the way it looks in caps!



All photos and interviews published on this site, and on TENANT’s twitter and Instagram, are by me unless otherwise credited. 

Please always credit TENANT Magazine and contact me via the email above to ask for permission before republishing, thank you!

TENANT brand artwork created by – Ben Alpass

TENANT article proofing by – Dr Amy Nisselle & Mali Wilson.

5 Responses to About / FAQ

  1. Daniela says:

    Great blog – and an invaluable insight for new comers to this amazing city! Looking forward to reading more…

  2. movingtrains says:

    You rock ms Ella. Love your work. You are the perfect reflector for all that is brilliant about Melbourne.

  3. Sophia says:

    This is great Ella! I will be following, and wistfully thinking about Melbourne! xxx

    • Hello Soph! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!! I hope this blog helps you feel connected to everyday Melbourne life while you are living abroad. I think of you often and trust you are as happy! Loads of love and hugs xxx

  4. danielle says:

    Hi Ella, I’m loving your blog! I read it and think…I’m so astounded there are so many people in Melbourne that I haven’t yet met!

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