3182 – Tracy, Linden Gallery Gardens

Tracy - Linden GalleryGreat outfit! You look dressed up and ready for… anything!
Thanks! I am heading out to dinner and then I am off to see Rodriguez play at the Palace – down the road here in St. Kilda.
You have an American accent. ‘Sugar Man’ was famously unknown in the States, despite  having a cult following here and in South Africa. How were you introduced to his music?
Yes you are right – I had never heard of him before I moved here, which is astounding as I was a committed festival goer and lover of live music in the States. My husband is Australian and he was the one who introduce me to his music.
I watched the doco Searching For Sugar Man  recently and found it an amazingly passionate story –  full of human drama and spirit.
Yes, it is a great doco and I really do think that true talent always finds an audience, one way or another.

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