Eunice – at Heidi

Eunice, at Heidi

Eunice, at Heidi

Today was a wet and sorry day in Melbourne, bringing to mind a saying that my mother (and/or her sister) recite annually, around this time of the year, “As the days lengthen the cold strengthens“.
Each year the saying seems so apt, it is almost a surprise and I find myself in a weird time warp, my brain numbed by cold and wondering…”yes…how wise, gosh…how true!   In an attempt to outrun the grey today I decided to head to Heidi Gallery, about 25 minutes drive from the city, with a dear friend, to see Emily Floyd’s Far Rainbow exhibition.
There are always lots of lovely interesting people wandering around Heidi, which is where I spoke with Eunice:
Did you come to Heidi to see the Emily Lloyd exhibition?
I have always want to come to Heidi and was keen to see Far Rainbow, but I came today to see Stephen Banham‘s talk on typography. He is such a great speaker.
Is typography your “thing”?
I work as a graphic designer, and yes I love typography. I also love visual art, and galleries in general. One of my favourite artists right now is Edward Hopper, the American artist.
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