New York

Not so long ago I accepted a great new job offer and I was also lucky enough to be able to squeeze in a holiday before I was needed to start. (Whoop!).

When I first arrived in NY I was exhausted and wondered why I had chosen such a fast paced place to rest. But after a trip to Martha’s Vineyard  (such a beautiful, special place) I returned to the city ready for the hub-bub. And noisy it is, but “that” energy which everyone talks about is special, and you really do start to feel like “it” is possible… like the heart felt lyrics of Key’s NY anthem.

It was not my first time to New York, but this trip was by far the longest time I had spent exploring the city, Long Island and surrounds. And along with 1000s of others, I enjoyed touring galleries, roof top bars; seeing broadway shows (OMG – go to Queen of the Night!), shopping, subways riding, taxi hailing and of course people watching.

I liked the locals, who were all lovely to me (a special shout out to lovely Caper and Aaron who guided me through Central Park to reach a meeting on time) and Central Park remains a standout and one of my favourite hangs in the city.

Now I am back, I will hit the Melbourne streets to share more images and stories of Melbourne inspiring residents but until then, here are a few NYC portraits…

Caper & Aaron, Central Park, New York
Caper & Aaron, Central Park, New York

I don’t think there is a baby in your pram?

No, well….we call it our fruit baby.

A fruit baby?

Yes, it is full of organic fruit. We work for a service that sources and delivers produce to homes across New York.

I bet you would see some nice places.

We do! We just delivered to John Legend’s place.

Kate, Brooklyn, New York
Kate, Brooklyn, New York

Do you enjoy living in Brooklyn? 

Yes, I love it.

Will you return to live in Australia? 

Yes, one day. But probably not to Queensland. I would probably look to live in Melbourne or in Sydney. My partner is an architect and I think there would be more work in those cities for him, also people say Melbourne is more like New York.

TJ & Little Bro, R line, New York Subway
TJ & Little Bro, R line, New York Subway

Hey there, great outfits!

Thank you.

Can I please take your picture?

Sure… is here okay?

Sebrina and Ed, Central Park, New York
Sebrina and Ed, Central Park, New York












My friend’s boy Ed (who I was babysitting for the afternoon) basically toddled over and fell over in front of this women, then giggled and stared up at her and waved.

Which elicited…

Oh…..Isn’t. He. Just. Adorable!!!  What a faaaaaantastic way to get a lady’s attention. So clever and soooo original….come here liiiittle one and speak to meeeeee!

This lead to another great conversation with a local in NY. Those New Yorkers sure do love a baby! See next pic for more NY York baby love.

Gabriel and friend busking in Central Park, New York
Gabriel and friend busking in Central Park, New York












Next baby stop was Gabriel and his drumming band-mate, who serenaded their new young fan with a pretty song – and much to the delight of many a female fans who were drawn to the scene.

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