3000 – Zak, seen on Marshall Street

Zak, Marshall Street

Zak, Marshall Street

What is your passion?
Film has always been a passion of mine and I’m currently really into VHS tapes. I am starting a boutique VHS distribution label with some fellow tape heads – I love the fragile quality of the VHS medium and there is still so many films on VHS that have not released on DVD.
How does Melbourne support your passion?
Melbourne is home to a lot of locations with wood panelled interiors… and in my experience locations with wood panelled interiors offer the finer things in life. I live in the CBD and feel lucky to be a stone throw away from art galleries, cafés, bars and cinemas – not many other cities offer that all that stuff in conveniently mapped out in a nine block city-grid…which is handy as I get lost easily.
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One Response to 3000 – Zak, seen on Marshall Street

  1. Deb says:

    I love these posts and I would love to visit Melbourne… it seems full of handsome and interesting individuals

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