3182 – Mel, seen on Acland St

Mel - 3182
Mel – 3182
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
I actually did not realise it was St Patrick’s day when I dressed this morning, but people have been talking to me all day about it which has been nice.
So you have had a good day?
Yes, but not as good as yesterday… I participated in my first protest with thousands of others for the March in March Melbourne, to signal a no confidence vote in the policies of the Abbott government. It was an amazing vibe and a spectacular sight to see so many people from all ages out with banners and placards expressing their key concerns.
What motivated you to protest?
My personal reasons for attending were issues around abortion and the right to choose, equal opportunity for gay marriage, human rights issues for asylum seekers and  environmental policy.
So just a few important things…
The current government does not represent me well at all, and continue to disappoint me with their decisions.  This was a great opportunity to join voices in the hope the people can be heard.

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