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Dear TENANT readers:

Thank you for your emails and posts, asking after my ankle and when my next post might be coming.

I am now walking again, in matching shoes – albeit with a limp and a lot of “hardware” in my ankle. Below, fyi, is an x-ray taken just over the three-month mark, and when I was told I could take the “moon-boot” off and wear two shoes again. Nasty!

Now I am back on my feet, I am getting busy around Melbourne town, photographing and interviewing, and have five profiles in various stages of completion. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed getting back on my feet and back into it!

Please do let me know which ones you enjoy, what you would like to read more of and don’t forget to check out the Melbourne Streets link on the home page and let me know if you recognise the location of my monthly image – the first to let me know will be rewarded with a TENANT lucky-dip surprise!

My ankle at the three month mark

My ankle – at the 3 month mark.

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One Response to TENANT / Tenet

  1. Steve McGrath says:

    Bunnings had a deal on screws??!!!??

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