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Hermione – Fawkner St., 3182

Happy days! How has your week been?  Good. All about work really, but work is never boring! Why? ‘Cause I am the only hetro in the village!  Hahahah! And what kind of entertainment does the village provide? Singing? Dancing?  Hells … Continue reading

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90015 – Ben Alpass, Designer & Art Director

Today I am excited to bring you TENANT’s October birthday long-form interview featuring Ben Alpass, the artist and designer behind the TENANT brand artwork and a human whose talent has been known to leave me speechless, or swearing. I met … Continue reading

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Tracy – Linden Gallery Gardens

Great outfit! You look dressed up and ready for… anything! Thanks! I am heading out to dinner and then I am off to see Rodriguez play at the Palace – down the road here in St. Kilda. You have an … Continue reading

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Claire, Kathleen & Katlin – South Melbourne Markets, Ride2work Day Meet

Love the capes ladies, do they make you ride faster? No – but they make us smile! I love this Rid2Work Day initiative. Do you all ride to work often? Pretty often – some of the time – I usually … Continue reading

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Rowena and Andrew – Park Street

Happy Grand Final Day! Swans fans by the looks of things. How would you rate the mood at this half-time mark? Rowena – Errr. It’s not so good… the crowd here has become quiet….never a good sign is it…. Andrew … Continue reading

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Langdon – Cecil Street

Langdon – Cecil Street Is it your ‘school formal’ (prom) tonight? Yes…  We are all meeting at the George Hotel. From the corsage it looks like you might be meeting a date, or your girlfriend? A date – I have not met her before … Continue reading

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Matt – Bessier Place

Happy Fathers Day! Have you had a nice day?   It’s been great, thanks. Melbourne has put on a good show, the sun is out… and my daughter cooked me a Father’s Day breakfast this morning. I had to clean up afterward, … Continue reading

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