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3181 – Dr. Elise Bialylew, Founder, Mindful in May

TENANT was born of an interest in documenting Melburnians and the way their choices are shaping the city, from the inside out. This month I profile a person who impressed me long before I had the opportunity to meet her … Continue reading

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St Valentine’s Day, Melbourne

Today is St. Valentine’s Day and couples all over Melbourne, and the world, are celebrating love. While there are many reject the day and balk at the commercialisation of love I’ve decided to embrace it. There are too few things … Continue reading

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St Kilda Festival 2015

I live in St Kilda, and have for quite a bit of my life. I went to primary school in St. Kilda, and high school as well.  I have lived overseas, interstate, northside, westside, and still I return. Usually it … Continue reading

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Scott – Brunswick

Happy Australia Day! How are you planning to celebrate the public holiday? My wife and I are actually flying overseas today. We are off to live in Scotland for a year or two. Well isn’t that ironic! Yes, it is, … Continue reading

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Karen – Warburton Main Street

It is lovely to get out of Melbourne for a weekend. Warburton feels so green and restorative. Have you lived here long? I was working for a company in Melbourne which ran marketing campaign that started with the line “Life … Continue reading

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Ellie, Jordan and Rhiannon – Acland Street, St Kilda

Hey there – what are you shooting? With your camera and leotards? J: We are shooting pics for Black Milk clothing, hunting the Saint of Kilda for cool and interesting spaces. R: This area is our go to. There are … Continue reading

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Lou & Sebbo – The Plenary, Southbank

 Nick Cave’s in the house. Everyone seems pretty happy about that. Yeah – it is one of the only times Melbourne doesn’t eat its own. What do you mean? There is no ‘too cool for school’ judgement or tall poppy … Continue reading

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