Melbourne is regularly named as one of the world’s most ‘livable cities’.

TENANT documents and celebrates the life and times of Melbourne, Australia – by profiling its varied, unique, passionate and talented residents.

Read about people you might see on the street: what they do, the suburbs they choose to live and work in, what they enjoy about Melbourne and how they contribute to Melbourne’s marvellous cultural tapestry.

Profiles are published monthly, with Melbourne streets images more regularly – although breaking my ankle has slowed things down a bit earlier this year!



Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Ella realised how special her hometown was after stints living and working interstate and abroad.

Ella started TENANT  in 2012 to celebrate Melbourne, her community and aspects of her professional life from which she draws inspiration, knowledge and pleasure.

Ella studied psychology and sociology at university before transitioning into a communications degree.

She has worked with creative teams and talent at ABC TV for Sunday Arts, George Negus Tonight, Secret Recipes, and on the feature film Ned Kelly. She has programmed film content for ABC Radio 774 review and the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Her corporate communications and campaign work includes work with, and for The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, Iloura VFX and Animation,  Film Victoria, Ford, Telstra,  SPAA and the AFI.

When Ella is not working or blogging she enjoys all the good things – including laughter, road trips, thunder storms and a well-penned greeting card.

Say hello!  tenantmag@gmail.com



All photos and interviews published on this site, and on TENANT’s twitter feed are the original work of Ella Mitchell – unless otherwise credited.

TENANT brand artwork created by – Ben Alpass

TENANT article proofing by – Amy Nisselle & Mali Wilson.

Please contact me via the email above to ask for permission before republishing, thank you!

4 Responses to About TENANT

  1. Daniela says:

    Great blog – and an invaluable insight for new comers to this amazing city! Looking forward to reading more…

  2. movingtrains says:

    You rock ms Ella. Love your work. You are the perfect reflector for all that is brilliant about Melbourne.

  3. Sophia says:

    This is great Ella! I will be following, and wistfully thinking about Melbourne! xxx

    • Hello Soph! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!! I hope this blog helps you feel connected to everyday Melbourne life while you are living abroad. I think of you often and trust you are as happy! Loads of love and hugs xxx

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