3185 – Glen Ira St., Miriam

 Hi. Do you have any special plans for Easter? Yes, I am in Melbourne visiting family for Passover.  I love this street, this part of Melbourne. It is where I grew up. Can you share a flashback that this suburb evokes? … Continue reading

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3205 Francis Street – Coco

Coco south Melbourne

Coco south Melbourne

Spotted today, Coco – hanging outside one of my favourite lunch spots in South Melbourne. Her owner says: ” She has just finished a game of tennis and is curious to know what is on the menu for her lunch.”

She is very easy on the eye. How old is she? 

She acts like a pup but she is eight years old this year!

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Mel – 3182

Mel - 3182

Mel – 3182

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I actually did not realise it was St Patrick’s day when I dressed this morning, but people have been talking to me all day about it which has been nice.

So you have had a good day?

Yes, but not as good as yesterday… I participated in my first protest with thousands of others for the March in March Melbourne, to signal a no confidence vote in the policies of the Abbott government. It was an amazing vibe and a spectacular sight to see so many people from all ages out with banners and placards expressing their key concerns.

What motivated you to protest?

My personal reasons for attending were issues around abortion and the right to choose, equal opportunity for gay marriage, human rights issues for asylum seekers and  environmental policy.

So just a few important things…

The current government does not represent me well at all, and continue to disappoint me with their decisions.  This was a great opportunity to join voices in the hope the people can be heard.

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3205 – Lauren

3205 - Lauren

3205 – Lauren

Hey, I like your hair…

Thanks. I am shaving it off tomorrow to raise money for the World’s Greatest Shave.

Why are you doing that? Has your life been affected by cancer?

Luckily not personally, but I studied nursing and have started a holistic counselling course. I would like to work in pediatric oncology and help children affected by cancer.

*If you are near the corner of Union Street and Coventry Street Sth Melbourne tomorrow at 9am, keep an eye out for Lauren!

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3205 – Katie-Rose

3205 Katie-Rose

3205 Katie-Rose

It is a lovely eve, you are carrying fresh flowers – where are you headed?

I am so excited, I bought a clothes steamer and I am heading home to steam all my dresses! A new diary I ordered arrived from Amazon today, so I will steam and write in my diary! Oh and these a hyacinths – my favorite cause they smell amazing. I’m such a girl.

What will you write about?

Well, it’s a special kind of diary which has a different question each day – so whatever it asks!

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Tenant / Tenet

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Tenant/ Tenet is the title I give any post I make to update you on my plans or intentions regarding this site. My last Tenant/ Tenet (1) was posted after I had broken my ankle and to let you know … Continue reading

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3056 – Julia Moon Billings, Woollenflower

Julia at home in her Brunswick backyard

Portrait: Julia at home in her Brunswick backyard

Sometime in Australia’s recent past Melbourne laid claim to the title of Arts Capital of Australia (amongst several other monikers). With its award winning urban design, a multitude of arts festivals, gallery laden postcodes, hipsters artisans, and business collectives – it certainly has a right to that claim.

 The city boasts all manner of exhibitions, gigs and events year round and in addition to its many established festivals Melbourne also has a visible fondness for independent, youth and community arts.

Seemingly etched in a Melburnian’s blueprint is interest in free and artistic expression, this combined with an Australian-wide eagerness to back an under-dog has seen a ground swell in interest in the work of fledgling local artisans, their skills and their start-up brands.

Like all trends there are many factors at play, and many new arts-business models have been mobilized by the rise in the availability and use of social media and interestingly also by the popularity of the slow movement in the face of digital modernity.

Additionally global economic factors have forced many in recent times to look to new careers, bundle that with an interest in preserving tradition, layers of multiculturalism, and a growing population… and you have a few solid reasons as to why you can now see the work of more local artisan’s in Melbourne’s boutiques than a decade ago.

Julia Moon Billings is one such new business artisan. She works with wool, making unique garments and teaching others to do the same. She blogs under the name Woollenflower. Through her work she explores modern and traditional global working methods and combines her knowledge of plants and herbs to explore colour and create unique natural dyes.

Like so many Julia spent her twenties travelling and studying, which for her included, languages, naturopathy and horticulture. During her studies she discovered a natural focus for the genus and healing properties of plants – additionally she loved the way they looked and developed a continuing love affair with the designs found in nature.

I caught up with Julia at home in Brunswick, and surrounded by a wonderfully and eclectic collection of plants, art and found objects we talked about her love of wool and the wearable arts.

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