Claire, Kathleen & Katlin – South Melbourne Markets, Ride2work Day Meet

20141015-193758.jpgLove the capes ladies, do they make you ride faster?
No – but they make us smile!
I love this Rid2Work Day initiative. Do you all ride to work often?
Pretty often – some of the time – I usually walk but this event got me dusting off my bike and getting crafty!
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Rowena and Andrew – Park Street

Grand Final Day in South Melbourne

Grand Final Day in South Melbourne

Happy Grand Final Day! Swans fans by the looks of things. How would you rate the mood at this half-time mark?
Rowena – Errr. It’s not so good… the crowd here has become quiet….never a good sign is it….
Andrew – I think we all need to drink a bit more beer and get a bit more loud. Carn’ the Swannies!
PS: Final Score – Hawks (Hawthorn)  137 Vs Swans (Sydney) 74 in one of biggest wins in AFL history.
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Langdon – Cecil Street

Langdon - Cecil Street
Langdon – Cecil Street
Is it your ‘school formal’ (prom) tonight?
Yes…  We are all meeting at the George Hotel.
From the corsage it looks like you might be meeting a date, or your girlfriend?
A date – I have not met her before tonight.
Well you look great – she’s a lucky girl. Have a wonderful night!
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Matt – Bessier Place

Matt - Bessier Place

Matt – Bessier Place

Happy Fathers Day! Have you had a nice day?
It’s been great, thanks. Melbourne has put on a good show, the sun is out… and my daughter cooked me a Father’s Day breakfast this morning. I had to clean up afterward, but it was worth it.
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3205 – Emily Collett, Theatre Designer

Emily Collett, Theatre Designer, Melbourne

Emily Collett, Theatre Designer, in South Melbourne for Tenant Magazine

I’ve decided that I’m a fan of days that just don’t turn out as planned. Of course, not in a ‘disastrous news’ kind of way -– no one likes them. No, I mean the days when your routines give way to an exciting, unexpected happenstance.

It was on a day like this that I met Emily Collett. I was on a lunch break in South Melbourne; she was working at a shop called Mr Darcy; I was browsing, and we got to chatting.

I had recently booked a plane ticket to New York and mentioned my excitement about seeing some shows on Broadway, to which Emily spoke of her study, and her work around theatre design. She had recently been travelling herself and had worked for Donatella Barbieri, a performance design academic at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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Bernard & Vivienne – ACMI, Melbourne International Film Festival

Bernard & Vivienne, MIFF 2014

Bernard & Vivienne, MIFF @ ACMI 2014

Wasn’t that movie amazing (My Name is Salt)? Are you enjoying the festival this year and do you have any MIFF tips?
V: Yes, that movie was really beautiful.
B: My MIFF tip is to book a number of films together and just go for and really enjoy the film festival.
V: Another MIFF tip is to avoid Danish Westerns!
Oh! do you mean Jauja? Yes agreed…. what a head scratcher! (Please leave a comment if you saw it and have a theory you would like to share!)
Thanks for letting me put you on my blog…I am sorry but I don’t think this lighting will do your photo justice! Enjoy the rest of the festival.
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Tilly – South Melbourne Markets

Tilly, South Melbourne Markets

Tilly, South Melbourne Markets

Hi there, can I take a picture of you and your scooter? You look happy today?
Yep – I am just back from a my first holiday to Canada.
That would’ve been exciting. What did you do there? 
Well my cousins were nice and the baseball game was really fun.
What do you like about the South Melbourne markets?
Mum buys me a dim sim and if I’m lucky I get a milk-shake!
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